A Quick Update…

As excited as I was to bake and post delectable recipes this winter, my pre-boards, practical exams and finals have exasperatingly spread themselves throughout December, January and February. Due to this, my posts might not be as regular and not exactly what I had planned but I’ll try to keep updating the blog as regularly…

Interview With Poet and Author Shirani Rajapakse

Shirani Rajapakse is an internationally published, award winning poet and short story writer. She won the Cha “Betrayal” Poetry Contest 2013 and was a finalist in the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards 2013. Her collection of short stories Breaking News (Vijitha Yapa 2011) was shortlisted for the Gratiaen Award. Her critically acclaimed poetry collection Chant of a Million Women (self published 2017) is a Finalist…

Why Bibliophiles Cafe?

I began my journey into the world of literature, recipes and more in 8th grade, when I made my first No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. My mum urged me to create a blog, which wasn’t something I was very enthusiastic about, hence the long gaps between those early posts. But I would get quite into this…

Peanut Butter Brownies

Peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven, and one of my favourite combinations. So, you know I had to make it happen again. These brownies are super sweet, fudgey, and the sprinkled peanuts give them a nice crunchy texture. And they are ridiculously easy to make, requiring only five ingredients. So, here’s…

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Apple and cinnamon, the ultimate sweet ‘n spice combination is back in the form of these enrapturing Apple Cinnamon Muffins. The soft, melt-in-the-mouth consistency as well as the embedded apple soupçons buried like treasures, bringing with them the charm of fall. They’re basically small apple pies, and nothing evokes the emergence of fall like the…

Banana Bread

Banana bread is something that everyone should try at least once. The rich, soft texture and especially the lucid aroma that fills the house when it’s baking is an amazing experience. It’s quite simple, not a lot of work and a delectable loaf awaits you on the other side of the process. So, here’s the…

Sizzle & Sear

Originally posted on The Terrified Amateur:
Food is why this journal exists, of course, yet the voyage only begins with taste.  By the time the plate is brought to the table, at least two of the senses are engaged, followed by a third and a fourth when the dish is sampled.  In a few cases,…

Homemade Thin Crust Pizza

When making a thin crust pizza, the dough needs to be near perfect. And I think mine comes pretty close, thanks to long but fruitful experiments. This recipe is quick and easy, taking only about an hour or so to make. As for the toppings, there’s nothing specific, of course. I usually add onions, tomatoes,…

Book Review: A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a ‘black comedy’ according to Wikipedia, although I failed to see it, set in a future where youth violence has gotten out of control. Published in 1963, when youth violence was a frequent occurrence in England, it revolves around the question, ‘reformation at what cost?’

Chocolate Brioche

This French delicacy is a light and tender pastry, usually cooked with either fruits or chocolate. They are served on their own, and sometimes used as a basis for other desserts. The first time I tried these, they came out well enough, but practice brings improvement and before you know, you’re baking a fantastic loaf…

Book Review: Animal Farm

Animal farm is one of the most satirical books I’ve read. Far from a fairy tale, the book is a metaphor for the Russian Revolution of 1917. George Orwell, a democratic socialist, was extremely critical of Stalin, believing that the Soviet Union had become a brutal dictatorship.

Peanut Butter Cookie Cake

When your dietitian tells you to have one cookie a day, its the peanut butter cookie cake to the rescue. Peanut Butter and Chocolate is a perfect pairing, and this is one of the best examples of that. The cake is rich and the chocolate chips explode flavour when bit into. Decadent and delicious, here’s…

Chocolate Mango Cake

Summer in India means a bunch of mango recipes. Be it chutney, pickle or ice-cream, there’s a lot to be done once vacations unravel those long, lazy days of procrastination. And no summer is complete without a classic mango cake. Its rich and soft texture with that sweet mango tinge is an experience in itself….

Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are soft, easy and sinfully delicious. Top them off with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup and you’ve got yourself an enrapturing dessert. Here’s the recipe. Happy Baking!!!

An evening with Paromita

We walked into semi dark interiors of Wall Street a little before 4. Between light rock and a smattering of happy hour coustomers, spotting Sukriti resplendent in her blue dress and red heels was easy. On her side were Hardik and a slim attractive girl in short hair who soon excused herself and disappeared as…

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Sweet and zesty, these cookies are a beauty to behold! These cookies have a lemony tang, perfect for the summer heat. Simple and easy, here is the recipe for these tasty Lemon Sugar Cookies.

Economic implications of menstrual hygiene

Taboos around menstruation and menstrual hygiene have limited adolescent girls for ages. The stigma attached to periods affects not only the education of girls entering puberty, but also affects the country’s GDP. Yes, menstrual hygiene has direct relations with the growth and development of entire economies. Crazy, right? Not so much.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy to make and a peanut butter lover’s dream come true, these cookies are a must have. Tried and tested by yours truly, here is the recipe for peanut butter cookies.

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not only are these cookies easy to make, but are also extremely delicious. This recipe is one of my personal favourites and never fails to impress. So, here’s the tried and tested recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Book Review: The Book Thief

The book was an instant favorite and the beautiful and thought provoking musings of death made me fall in love with the book. The Book Thief tells the story of Liesel, narrated by Death.