Chocolate Muffins

The first time I made these muffins, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and chocolatey they turned out. They had little chocolate chips and chunks buried inside like little treasures. And it’s such an effortless and simple recipe, it was love at first sight. Here is the recipe for these moist and delicious chocolate…

Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are soft, easy and sinfully delicious. Top them off with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup and you’ve got yourself an enrapturing dessert. Here’s the recipe. Happy Baking!!!

An evening with Paromita

We walked into semi dark interiors of Wall Street a little before 4. Between light rock and a smattering of happy hour coustomers, spotting Sukriti resplendent in her blue dress and red heels was easy. On her side were Hardik and a slim attractive girl in short hair who soon excused herself and disappeared as…

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Sweet and zesty, these cookies are a beauty to behold! These cookies have a lemony tang, perfect for the summer heat. Simple and easy, here is the recipe for these tasty Lemon Sugar Cookies.