Book Review: I Exist. Therefore I Am.

I Exist. Therefore I Am by Shirani Rajapakse is a collection of disturbingly moving short stories of the atrocities women in rural India confront and the hope they have for a brighter future. The author’s evocative and unforgiving style of writing is what pumps life into the characters as they walk through life fighting various…

Book Review: Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods

Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods by Tishani Doshi is a journey from sublunary everyday happenings to death, from Ode to Patrick Swayze to Summer in Madras, to other unflinching, haunting poems. Tishani Doshi works her magic again in this poetry collection with striking imagery, simultaneously sensual, humourous and tender, making an indelible mark…

Book Review: A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a ‘black comedy’ according to Wikipedia, although I failed to see it, set in a future where youth violence has gotten out of control. Published in 1963, when youth violence was a frequent occurrence in England, it revolves around the question, ‘reformation at what cost?’

Book Review: Animal Farm

Animal farm is one of the most satirical books I’ve read. Far from a fairy tale, the book is a metaphor for the Russian Revolution of 1917. George Orwell, a democratic socialist, was extremely critical of Stalin, believing that the Soviet Union had become a brutal dictatorship.

Book Review: The Book Thief

The book was an instant favorite and the beautiful and thought provoking musings of death made me fall in love with the book. The Book Thief tells the story of Liesel, narrated by Death.

Book Review: The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera is a story of drama, terror, love, passion, envy, jealousy, romance, adventure and magic. It is about Erik, The Angle of Music and The Opera Ghost and his love for Christine Daae which turns into madness when his love is not corresponded and he finds out that she loves another, Raoul…

Book Review: Louisiana Longshot

Cosy mysteries are my favourite kind of mysteries, as you can expect light-hearted humour and a good mystery, but ‘Louisiana Longshot’ takes it to a whole new level.